Talent Strateg
     Personnel recruitment

Human Resource Management's basic aim is to create a high-quality, high state and a high degree of unity of the team, and create a self-motivation, self-discipline and the promotion of outstanding talent mechanism for the rapid growth of business to provide effective and efficient operation of the protection.

The basic principles of human resource management is a trust, fairness, incentives, constraints, training, out and find talent, talents and apply personnel director.

"Soldiers are not public, but in essence," We introduced the survival of the fittest human resources management in the selection mechanism, promote the emergence of talent and achieve rational allocation of human resources.

We strive to be the most outstanding employees opportunity to provide the most extensive and conditions of the employees through hard work and enhance their abilities at work, may be duties or qualifications for promotion. We do not rigidly adhere to the qualifications and the level of a prominent contributor to the implementation of exceptional talent and outstanding promotion. However, we advocate gradual.

"Tackling difficult problems, will do the easier ones; world affairs, will do in the small" We encourage each employee to achieve by doing a good job as a corporate employee to contribute to the overall goal, and implement performance appraisal systems, job performance evaluation focused on the improvement in performance , the work attitude and the ability to work focuses on long-term performance evaluation.

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